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Two former intelligence operatives are forced to confront a dark secret from their past.


Forever Red is a film about two American ex-spies who have left their past experiences during the cold war in an effort to resume some sort of normality in life. However, when one of the ex-spies unexpectedly finds the other more than 40 years later, past feelings resurface and a dark secret from their past is brought to light. It is a film about lost love and how the demons of our past always catch up with us in the end. 




(Played by: April Hartman)

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The Character: On the outside Anne appears to be a normal and kind woman, but in reality she is remarkably strong in will and conviction. She served her country during the cold war as a spy, and always got the job done. She has faced many hardships in her life to bring her to where she is today, and then to top it all off, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Knowing she doesn't have much time left, she sets out to confront her past and faces her fate head on. The only person she ever loved was murdered, and she is going to find out who ordered the hit. After the brutal life she has endured, she will be dying on her own terms.

The Actor: After taking a 12 year break from acting to get a degree and raise her son, April finally returned and secured an agent in Dallas and an agent in the Southeast and resumed her journey to become a great actor.  She now has over 30 feature film credits, over 40 short films, countless commercials, theatre, stunt work and voice-overs on her resume.   April has had films tour the festival circuit all over the United States and abroad including Cannes Film Festival, USA Film festival, and many more.  Not only have her films done extremely well, they have also earned her 8 best Actor nominations and 5 best Actor wins.  She just finished production on two features:  Howlers, starring opposite Sean Patrick Flannery and Chad Michael Collins and stunt double duty for Tammy Blanchard for the feature Warning Shot.  She still studies with the same acting coach in Dallas after 8 years, Theresa Bell.  April is currently represented by Linda McAlister Talent in Dallas and Action Talent agency in Mississippi.


(Played by: David Raizor)

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The Character: Barker is old fashioned with strong militaristic values and characteristics. He fought in Vietnam, which left emotional scars on him. Perhaps the last friends he ever made were his war buddies and he is left very much alone in solitude. A tough exterior combined with strong pride in his country make him appear very hardened. The only person who has the ability to break this hard outer shell is the one that got away: Anne.

The Actor: David Raizor is a full time working professional actor who has appeared in over eighty films both feature length and shorts.  He has performed in over 300 live shows, including theater, murder mystery shows, clown shows, improv shows, and magic shows.  In addition he has appeared in several commercials, industrials and has been featured on billboards, bus stop benches and other print media. He studies the Meisner style of acting and has taken acting classes at Valencia College, Art’s Sake Studios, Class Act Studios and others.  He also takes every workshop he can to always be growing in his craft.  David loves to bring characters to life both on stage and in front of the camera.




(Steve Miles)

Steve Miles.jpg

UK native and occasional wanderer who turned his hand to writing scripts after realizing his social life was vastly overrated.  Writer of several short films, including the recent Sci-fi Better Times (filmed in Germany under the title Bessere Zeiten).  Drawn to a number of genres; often exploring the grittier side of humanity through thriller and horror, though not adverse to the darkly comic.


(Benjamin Mehr)

Producing his first feature film, "Duplicity", at the age of 16 was Ben's first real exposure to the world of film, and he hasn't been able to shake the filmmaking bug since. Ben was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, but growing up in a military family afforded him the opportunity to live in Germany for three years. This shift in environment and culture awoke his interest in the power of perspective. Today Ben strives to challenge norms, evoke emotions, and shift perspectives through his films.

Ben Headshot .JPG


(Garrett Adams)

_G-Pup Headshot 1 edit.jpeg

Garrett Joseph Adams is an American student filmmaker born in Maryland in 1998. From a very young age Adams took a strong interest in film and the filmmaking process. By high school, Garrett had written and directed 2 short films and after entering college he was already in post production of his first feature film Duplicity. Adams' work is distinguished by complex plots, deep characterization, and dark themes.


(John Grove)

John began his freelance career as a Director of Photography in Los Angeles following his graduation from Columbia College of Hollywood where he received a bachelors degree in Cinematography. Primarily a narrative Cinematographer, John Grove has been at the helm of features, music videos, TV shows, documentaries and commercials. His work is defined by his composition, use of color, camera movement and versatility to light and shoot all styles of genres/ projects. 

JGrove_Headshot2 (1 of 1).jpg

In 2011, John decided to move back to the East Coast to pursue his dreams in his hometown near Baltimore, Maryland. Since John has been back home he has been a cinematographer on several local/ national commercials, music videos, short films, documentaries, TV shows, numerous corporate videos, and two feature films. When John is not working as a cinematographer, he is usually on his grind working as a camera op for Television/Netflix shows such as "The Keepers", "RestaurantDivided", "Cupcake Wars", "America's Most Wanted", "Stories of the ER", "Pati's Mexican Table", "Master of the Mix" and many more.

Production Designer

(Samuel Getty)


Born in Manchester, Maryland, Sam has 

worked as a lighting designer and a director of photography for the past 5 years. He has light designed  shows such as wedding singer and addams family. He was also the director of photography for the award winning student film,Duplicity. Ever since he was a kid, Sam has been enthralled in the world of art, and takes every chance he can to hone his skills and become the best he can be at what he does. Sam is currently interning for the television broadcast Bmore Lifestyle. 


(Daniel McCormick)

Daniel McCormick’s compositions have been featured in theaters across Finland, Scotland, India, Mexico and U.S.A. Films he has scored have premiered at Sundance, Tribeca and many other film festivals across the world as well as had theatrical distribution in North America, Australia and parts of Europe. His music has also been featured at the prestigious Palacio De Bellas Artes in Mexico City and his first ever score for the film Getting Ready For A Lunch Date won Best Original Musical Score at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.

D.A. Mcormick Headshot.jpg


(Grey Adkins)

Grey at Pond.jpg

Grey is originally from western Maryland, and after 4 years on the USS Ponce (LPD-15) he left the military to pursue a degree in English at Towson University.  Using skills from the Navy and firefighting, he found a better fit for himself in Towson's film program which tapped both his creativity and physicality.  After graduating TU he pursued a career in film in the lighting and grip department. 


He's had the opportunity and pleasure to work on many large productions in the area such as House of Cards, VEEP, RBG, and just finished his first feature film as a gaffer: LEDA.  He can summon squirrels in DC, tell you more than you'd ever want to know about Ken Kesey, and make a pretty decent omelet.  His favorite color is not gray.


(Meghan Liberto & Morgan Rush)

Sound Department

(Mack Mcglaughlin)

Script Supervisor

(Christopher Pompa)

1st Assistant Director

(DaVaughn Moody)

Production Attorney

(Diane Leigh Davison)

Key Grip

(Ahmad Asaad, Jaime Nudd)

1st Assistant Camera

(Brandon Habuda)

2nd Assistant Camera

(Cameron Mitchell, Ahmad Asaad)

Best Boy Electric

(Cameron Mitchell)


(Joe Austin, Brian Billak, Drew Loughlin, Daniel Peebles)

Film Loader

(Dave Geatty)

Craft Services

(Mike Foley)

Production Assistants

(Meghan Liberto, Liam Arnold, Luke Poole)






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